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Strategy and Organization Development Consulting

Theorising about strategy is easy. Delivering practical, well conceived solutions is the hard part. Our focus is on delivering real and lasting benefits to client businesses. We do not just become involved in the conception of strategy. By watching, monitoring and measuring the progress of the project, our team is able to modify their thinking and adapt to commercial realities to make sure the solutions work.

Our preference is to use the term ‘strategic’ to describe what we do. Because ultimately we are here to offer strategic thinking to help clients tackle the biggest issues facing them now and way into the future. It is not strategy for strategy’s sake. Our work comes from an understanding of the strategic aims of a business and how we can make them a living and breathing reality.

Some services offered include:
  • CEO/Board level Coaching and Advisory
  • Strategy Formulation Workshops
  • High Performance Forums
  • Management for Value Creation

Corporate Finance and Advisory

Our Corporate Finance and Advisory offers a broad range of services to a diverse portfolio of clients. Our services cater to needs of such clients as private companies looking to sell or raise capital, public companies looking to divest non-core assets, organizations wishing to make strategic acquisitions in the region and institutional investors needing proprietary knowledge or access to a market. From seasoned corporate finance professionals to a client-focused support staff, our team shares a common drive to provide exceptional quality and results with a uniquely collaborative approach to working with our clients. Enlightened leadership, shared values and a diversity of talent helps ensure that we provide our clients meaningful and specialized financial and advisory services.

Our services include:
  • Business Startups Advisory
  • Financial and Capital Restructuring Advisory
  • Business Valuation & Due Diligence Services
  • Investment Strategy & Planning
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Process Reengineering Consulting

Business Process Re-engineering assignments entail a complete systems study of individual functions within businesses and a comprehensive workflow analysis of the overall organization in order to indentify and highlight speed impeders and value destroyers and finally, formulating a revised modus operandi in relation to processes, structures or people. GSB Group specializes in formulating such re-engineering solutions and then goes beyond. It partners with clients in the execution of re-engineering solutions ensuring their success and effectiveness in bringing about the desired change in results.

Typically this area has been more action oriented and deals with the implementation of a business strategy and the ensuing change requirements. Types of assignments covered under this category can be holistic as well as piecemeal. Typical assignments in this area could extend from automation to manual reprogramming of process flows within an organization.

Islamic Finance Consulting

Islamic Finance Consultancy entails formulating innovative concepts of capital formation for businesses of all sizes from diverse industry sectors. GSB Group forms alliances and consortia with investment banks and other such players in the field to provide solutions that are complete in all respects from advisory to arrangement. Typical assignments in this area include, but are not limited to, providing non-conventional structured finance solutions, resource mobilization of equity and quasi equity instruments, reforming profit centre / product concepts and delivery mechanisms, devising financial instruments for Islamic financial institutions and providing solutions for mobilizing resources for new and existing businesses.